Just a Kid

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Red Deer Press, $12.95

114 pages

One morning Meerin looks out her window and can't believe what she sees – two big development signs spelling the end to her community's favorite park. What will happen to the land, the animals and the creek? Where will the kids play?


Fortunately, Meerin is no ordinary nine-year-old girl. She is determined to act, especially after the mayor dismisses her as "just a kid.".


... a timely and entertaining novel for young readers with the underlying message that they can influence the adult world, even when it seems no one wants to listen. Appropriate for children ages 9-12, "Just A Kid" is recommended for elementary school, middle school, and community library General Fiction collections.

 Midwest Book Review

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Dundurn Press, $12.99

155 pages

A hole in my heart

It's 1959 and twelve-year-old Nora is sad and soggy as the weather in her new rainy west coast home. Her mother has died, her father has grown distant and no one likes her at her new school. When Nora learns that her favourite cousin, Lizzie, is about to have risky open-heart surgery, she wonders if her family will ever feel whole again. Can she find the courage to mend her own broken heart?


"Charles has captured the inner reality of an indomitable heroine, and Nora’s unquenchable curiosity and sensitivity to other people are a tribute to human resilience."

Quill & Quire

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Dundurn Press, $9.95

114 pages


No More Dragons

How do you turn an upside-down life right-side up? Thirteen-year-old Alex is afraid, afraid of his dad, afraid of kids at school, worried about his sick brother and, most of all, angry at himself for being, well, pathetic. How can he become a person people like?

Through letters to his only friend, Alex open up and gains courage, wisdom and confidence to confront his own dragons.



This highly readable book is recommended for elementary school libraries. It would be extremely useful to classroom teachers and counsellors to use for classroom discussions...The author has drawn upon her own experiences as a teacher and social worker, and within the book provides some very useable techniques for dealing with anger, abuse, bullying, grief and loss, and self-confidence building.

BC Teacher Librarians Association

Tattoo: the painted horse

"Tattoo: the Painted Horse" was inspired by a real event: a piece of public art, a painted statue of a horse placed in a park for children, was vandalized. Young and old rallied around to remake, repaint and reinstall Tattoo. It is a story of a community's positive response to violence against the voiceless and the vulnerable. Marilyn Dyer created the images.

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