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The 2020 Skipping Stones Honor Awards

"Just a Kid"   Category: Nature & Ecology

"33 outstanding books promote an understanding of cultures, cultivate cooperation and/or encourage a deeper awareness of nature, ecology, and diversity. They foster respect for multiple viewpoints and closer relationships within human societies.


The honored titles offer many ways to explore and understand families, cultures, places, societies and their histories for readers of all ages, from the very young readers to high school seniors and adults."
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Inspiration for "Just a Kid"


"Many adults and young people, including Rie herself, feel helpless in the face of the daily news crises and about climate change in particular.  It's easy to sit back and do nothing. But people can make a positive difference in their community by their own actions. Big or small, they all add up. Rie wants Meerin to be a role model to others, to show that determination to make a change in the world can bring success. And hope."



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